About Us


My name is Salman and I am the founder and Chief Dance Trainer of Addicted2Dance.

Being a passionate dancer, I started to teach Jive at the behest of some of my friends in 2004 on Valentines day. Over a period of time, I went to to Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Holland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Estonia, Denmark, and UK to learn from the leading couples and champions of these dances.

The kind of dances I teach are mostly social dances such as Salsa L.A, Cuban Salsa/ Rueda, New York Salsa on 2, Salsa Clave on 2, Cha cha, Bachata, Merengue, East Coast Swing, LindyHop, Charleston, I. Jive and Zumba.

At Addicted 2 Dance, we aim at taking Dance to a level where it is not just seen as a fad or just “another” activity but an Essential Social Skill that can unite people and help them adjust to diverse cultures around the world.

Apart from exposing people to the fun filled aspect of social dancing, we essentially focus on the right techniques learnt from the World Champions of different dance forms. We ensure that our students are technically strong to dance in any part of the World.

We are dedicated to spread the love of Dance and Educate people on Social dancing. People learn the right social etiquette and the righteous way of conducting oneself in a social environment. Apart from physical benefits listed below, people automatically reduce and sometimes give up smoking, others reduce alcohol intake inevitably.

People have come and thanked us for having lost more than 20 Kilos or that that they have become more confident individuals, or even that they were able to make many different friends in many countries because of their skills (technically and socially) which they have learnt in our classes.

We embrace taking up charitable events that gives us an opportunity to spread the love of dance. We have done Donating and Dancing workshops with great success.

Social dancing needs to be experienced to understand wholly the difference it can make in a persons life.

Do join us. Let us forge a new friendship with a toast to a great way of life.

Warm regards,